October 17th 2020

Announcing the Tucson Marketplace of Markets

After receiving many emails from vendors, we’ve decided to create a Marketplace of Markets that will be as inclusive as possible, for everyone in our community who has been hit hard by cancelled events.

Our store alone has cancelled multiple events over the last 6 months due to the pandemic, and we know many others have had to cancel their events too. We had already booked the Tucson Expo Center for October 17th to host the Tucson OddCon (oddities market) but we thought it would be a better idea to create an event that could include many different vendors hit hard by the pandemic.... a collective Marketplace of all Markets!

In this 40,000 sq. ft. venue you will find multiple markets sharing one huge space. Don’t worry, you will stilll find a large oddities market within this expanded community market! 


The event is also a huge fundraising effort, with a large percentage of the $5 admission going right back into our community to help local organizations with much needed funds.





toys + comics

haunted swap

punk rock flea